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Our Story

Game-changing inventions are seldom made alone. It’s the exchanging of ideas and clashing of different personalities that make the difference. That’s exactly the case with Griprose – one solution for the age-old problem, born out of two ideas and perfected by three people.

What can you learn from years of building and taking apart venues, expo stands, TV show sets and other temporary structures, complete with light fixtures? That’s what the Griprose CEO did for a living over 20 years and learned that there is a problem that needs solving.

Setting up and dismantling the walls, lighting and other structures, it took forever to screw and attach everything with different tools. What’s more, using tools for fixing heavy items often meant you needed more than two hands.

There had to be a better solution – something for attaching things without a constant need for tools. Surely there’s a product like that in the market? After months of looking, it turned out there wasn’t. Just expensive gimmicks. It was time to get creative.

Wouldn’t it be nice if things would just click on? Easier said than done, but after meeting the two guys, who would later become the CTO and Main Engineer at Griprose, the pieces started to fall together. Together, they had an idea.

They dreamed up prototype after prototype, did a test after test – and made improvements every step of the way. And with prototype nr. 28 – a breakthrough. Suddenly, the three guys knew they were up to something big. At that moment, Griprose was born. Now, there was no going back to old way. The time had come to stop screwing around.


Griprose is the best ever solution for attaching and detaching small to heaviest structures and works even when conditions are wet, cold or dusty. Why do it another way when there is a brilliant way?


Griprose is a secure and smartest way yet for fastening. In no time it will be linkable to electricity and data as well!


With Griprose you can attach and detach objects so fast and in a smooth way that it is going to be a pure joy for you!


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